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Unit 7 Bridge Court 12 Cook Street
G5 8NJ

Little Botanica are a team of creative florists based in Glasgow specialising in weddings, events, contract and next-day bespoke bouquet delivery. We offer botanical inspired workshops in our railway arch home and our flower crown hen parties are the most popular in Scotland. Shop now from our carefully curated online emporium of Scandi style vases and plant pots.

3 Weddings Part 2 - 3 Days with Sabine Darrall

Travel Diary

Flower, plant and travel blog by Glasgow florists Little Botanica

3 Weddings Part 2 - 3 Days with Sabine Darrall

Little Botanica

Words by Elaina Rose

Photography by Katie Spicer

Day 2 - Pretty in Pink

The next trend… the petite bouquet. 

Simplistic and beautiful.

Sabine took us out to the grounds to show us some more of her mechanical wonders! As a group we where to create the backdrop for a very luxurious outdoor ceremony. 

Our group was made up of professional florists, all with their own style, pace, and vision. The backdrop was to have elevated elements and grounded flower arrangements that were all to be similar in size, shape and floral placements. To say the least, it was interesting to watch one another try and mimic another florists work!  

In the end, the ceremony backdrop looked very impressive indeed.

This was again, in true florist's style, to be relocated and utilised into a superb elongated table centerpiece. With which we would dine that evening.

The conversation that evening can be described as, some much needed, for all parties, florist therapy! The phrase "what a relaxing job you must have" is something we could all relate to hearing.  In the month of October, after an amazing and creatively challenging wedding season, those words bewilder us all, we shared stories and memories that only other florists could relate to. It was really, really wonderful!