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Little Botanica are a team of creative florists based in Glasgow specialising in weddings, events, contract and next-day bespoke bouquet delivery. We offer botanical inspired workshops in our railway arch home and our flower crown hen parties are the most popular in Scotland. Shop now from our carefully curated online emporium of Scandi style vases and plant pots.

Amsterdam Part 1 - The Flowers; from seed to bloom

Travel Diary

Flower, plant and travel blog by Glasgow florists Little Botanica

Amsterdam Part 1 - The Flowers; from seed to bloom

Little Botanica

Words by Hayley

Photos by Jenni

Hi guys! We just got back from Amsterdam - what a trip! Four jam packed days full of flowers, markets, Kings Day celebrations, architecture, inspiring shops and cheese! We love this city and being only 1.5hr flight from Glasgow it's do-able in a day. With so many photos and experiences to share we've broken the post down into a few parts. The main purpose of our trip was to see where all our flowers come from so I'll start there. Rene from our Dutch wholesaler was our guide for day, picking us up from the train station at Leiden Centraal then driving us all over the place to visit plant nurseries, flower growers, markets, answering our endless questions and finally for lunch. We saw the whole flower process from germination, growing, cutting, auctioning to wholesale (where we buy our flowers). Here's the story

The seeds are purchased and shipped from Japan

The seeds are germinated under glass and heatlamps at the Nursery

The seedlings are sorted by size by a crazy robot machine

Kept under glass for 14 weeks

Until they are this size when they are sent to the grower

They spend the next 8 weeks at the grower in this enormous greenhouse (52,000sqm - equivalent of 8.5 full size football pitches!)

Every week 600,000 stems of Lisianthus are sent from here to auction, and another 600,000 plants brought in. By growing under glass and heat means Lisinathus is available every week of the year. This farm grows about 12 variety/colour variations constantly

After harvesting they're bunched and packed for the auction

Flora Holland is the largest flower auction housed in the largest building (by footprint) in the world selling approx 20 million flowers a day!!

Our wholesaler buys the flowers at auction, sorts, photographs them, makes them available for us to order. When we press the button here in Glasgow the order is processed immediately 

Via the flower roller-coaster! Then on to a van, through the Channel Tunnel and all the way up to our door in Glasgow overnight